How to improve your English easily

There is no need to tell you that English is the most important language during a career. Well, if you want to have a career in an international company or an expatriation experience, of course. But, even if you don’t want those things, it seems that strong English skills (spoken and written) are an obligation for lot of positions, now. That’s the reason why i decided to give you a few tips in order to improve easily your level.

N°1 : Pick a subject you like

It’s quite obvious but essential. We always learn faster when we are interested by the subject. It can be sport, cooking, movies, or whatever you’re interested in. Don’t try to learn only by memorising a table, a text, or doing lot of exercices. You will put too much pression on yourself and loose your motivation quickly if any good results don’t appear.

N°2 : Choose realistic goals

If you’re a beginner, you won’t become bilingual in a few months. If some websites tell you that…that’s a lie ! If you want to really improve your English in a short time, the only solution is to live during a few months in an country where people speak only English. And, you will have to speak to them each day for more than 5 minutes in order to get exceptional results. In consequences, choose realistic goals. It ok to improve step by step. Movies and TV shows can help you easily with that. For example, you can watch a movie with subtitles in you native language, then English subtitles and, finally, without any subtitles !

N°3 : Learn every day

Take each action of your day as an excuse to improve your English. Are you stuck in the transports ? Good ! Read an article or watch or short video. Read the news. Read the news about you country in English ! The last one can also give you another point of view about your country. Be open-minded. Listen music ! But, perhaps, you can avoid Rap music in the first place. Quite complicated when someone speaks really fast :)

N°4 : Practice a lot !

There is no secret. More you practice, better will be your English. And, for that, there are lot of solutions : Speak with English native speakers, speak English with family and friends and you will all improve together, write comments in order to explain your point of view, and …write articles ! And, for french learners, if someone tells you that your accent is ugly, don’t forget to mention that French accent is the sexiest accent in the world.

N°5 : Be patient with yourself

Never forget that mistakes are normal and nothing can be perfect since day one. Be patient…and persistent :)



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